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Thanks to our partnership with a company leader in this segment since 1995, we provide you with access to the most complete Import & Export database of the region, covering 16 countries. You are just a few clicks away from accessing the details of every import or export to and from these countries: Origin and destination, volumes, logistics, trading parties, importer, exporter, producers, etc. Monthly data are available back to 2008.

Thanks to these data you will be able to carry out unlimited searches for 16 countries in the region, and:

Identify Potential customers and partners

Track your competitors

Base your decisions on the best information

Optimize your logistic

Diversify your sales

Increase your market share

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What are the countries covered?

  • In South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay
  • In Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama
  • In North America: USA and Canada
  • Rest of the World: China, India and the European Union

Below are some examples of data you will be able to extract: 

Peru – Imports   Chile – Exports  Colombia – Imports

How does it work?

  1. Select your annual plan: We offer customized plan, adapted to your need: for one, ten or 17 countries, with different degrees of details. All the plans include unlimited access to the data and personal online support to help you analyze the data.
  2. Access our search engine; select Import or Export, the period you are interested in (data available on a monthly basis, from 2008); enter one or several criteria (HS Code, Importer name or ID, Supplier, etc).
  3. Download the results (excel format), and discover the details of every single import/export matching your criteria!


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Data visualization is a new, common language with infinite applications for data exploration and communication. Moving away from traditional key performance indicators and static charts to more appropriate and interactive representations of data unlocks new ways of understanding the data faster and more efficiently.

We will transform raw imports and exports data into visually appealing, interactive visualization, called dashboard, allowing instantaneous insight. Our dashoards are updated automatically and available online, via a personal account created for you. They are the only way to take advantage of all the strategic information included in the million of lines of imports and exports data we have access to.

You will be able to switch instantly from a macro view (size, trends of a market, etc.) to a micro view (exhaustive imports of a potential partner, prices of your competitors, etc.). Our dashboards are customized, adapted to your needs.


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Functions of business development and sales are not interchangeable.  Business development consists of establishing business in new markets, generating new partnerships, and improving customer bases.  It requires a thorough examination of the target markets and sales channels in order to reach new customers and partners.

Sudamerico is your ideal partner in determining your business’s growth in South America, where that growth will come from, and what approach is needed to attain that growth.

Market Analysis

  • Assessing the competitive environment: Threat of new entrants; Supplier power, Buyer Power, Threats of substitution…
  • Establishing the business constraints:  Size of the market, Nature of demand, Availability of supply, Finance, Quality and skills of employees, Exchange rate fluctuation, Barriers to imports/exports, etc.
  • Market Segmentation: We will help you to divide South American markets into segments that constitute potential target markets, and to select those best adapted for your company

Selection of potential partners and customers

  • Initial screening: Analytical approach based on import/export data, local production and sales data
  • Benchmarking potential partners/customers and assessing compatibility with your company
  • Visit on your behalf: to assess the potential of the selected companies directly, and introduce your company

Business prospecting

  • Discovery missions: we can organize complete travel programs to visit local companies
  • Trade Show, Conventions and Conferences:  Selecting trade shows, Organization support or simple representation. Check the list of the future trade show here.
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In the 2015 Ease of Doing Business ranking from the world bank, the highest placed South American country was Colombia, in 34th position, followed by Peru (35th) and Chile (41st). Brazil and Argentina the two biggest economies, were respectively in 120th and 124th position!  But that does not mean you should ignore these markets full of opportunities!

With the right partners, your entry can be significantly smoothed. Thank to our on the ground knowledge, our expertise and our access to the best market data available, we will help you to tackle the difficulties of the first stage of the business process, assist you during the purchasing processes, help you optimize your entire supply chain and give you the tools to maximize customer retention.

Commercial visits

Purchasing support process

  • Strategic analyses of your current supply model
  • Identifying and analyzing new potential suppliers
  • Selecting and negotiating with Suppliers
  • Communicating with new suppliers

Logistics Management

  • Optimizing your supply chain
  • Adapting documentation to local requirements
  • Resolving Customs problems

Marketing audit to assess performance and identify remedial actions

  • Conducting marketing audits at each stage of the sales pipeline
  • Engaging stakeholders in a qualitative assessment of your performance
  • Making recommendations to reduce costs and increase performance.

Maximizing client retention

  • Understanding market dynamics and client behavior
  • Identifying clients’ buying/purchasing patterns
  • Developing appropriate strategies to prioritize key client relationships
  • Meeting your customer on your behalf to understand and meet their needs


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