Dissect Brazil Trade Balance

Dissect Brazil Trade Balance

The Brazilian currency has lost a third of its value this year, and economists expect gross domestic product to shrink 3% in 2015. Brazil Trade Balance, an important component of the current accounts, is improving.  It is now one of the rare positive sign for Brazil’s troubled economy.

From the $4 billion deficit in 2014, Brazil reached a surplus of $8 billion in the last quarter.

Sudamerico updated its Brazil Trade Balance visualization, allowing you to analyze it in detail: filter by continent, country, understand the composition of the trade balance with each one of the 250 economies which traded goods with Brazil in the last 3 years. We classified the goods traded in more than 1000 categories, according to the Harmonized System, to allow you to dissect the Brazilian trade balance and focus on the industry that matters for you.

Brazilian Trade Balance Visualization

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