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2019 Latin America foreign trade

2019 Latin America foreign trade.

This visualization allows you to visualize the segmentation of Latin American imports and exports, by product or partner. You can compare Latin American foreign trade with each country of the region. This allows you to quickly see trade patterns for these countries.

The visualization has been made with Tableau Public, based on the comtrade data (United Nations).


Mercosur trade agreements

It is all over the news: The EU has concluded a trade agreement with the four founding members of Mercosur: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. But this is not the only trade agreement that Mercosur is negotiating. The following map shows all the Mercosur trade agreements ongoing and in negotiation.

In 2019  agreements are in force with the following countries: Israel, […]

Discover our new country imports and exports profiles

We launched in July a new business intelligence tool: the Country Imports and Exports Profiles. These fact sheets synthetise all the information you need to know about a country exports or imports. They are mainly based on United Nations trade data and customs data of each country.

These country profiles are available in french, english and spanish and are available for […]

Influence of China and USA in Latin America

This visualization highlights the evolution of the LATAM imports of goods from USA and China since 1998.

It clearly shows that USA, who was responsible for 48% of the imports in 1998, has seen its influence decrease over the years: Latin America imports now only 33% of its goods from USA.

On the other hand, China has seen its share increase from […]

Foreign trade of goods between France and Latin America



Visualize the trade between France and 4 main countries group, between 2013 and 2016:

-The top 10 commercial partners of France in the region, representing 87% of the trade between France and Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Saba, Peru, French Polynesia, Equador, Panama

The Mercosur, representing 44% of the trade between France and Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Paraguay

The […]

L’activité de Sudamerico présentée dans Classe Export

Lors de son dernier numéro, Classe Export, bimestriel francophone de commerce international, a présenté l’activité Sudamerico.

Un aperçu de l’article, intitulé “Une mine d’information stratégique pour approcher l’Amérique Latine”, est accessible au lien suivant. Vous pouvez commandez le numéro sur le site de Classe Export.

Celui ci est accompagné d’une étude illustrative focalisée sur les importations de produits cosmétiques au Pérou. Celle […]

Les exportations françaises vers la Colombie

Découvrez le détail de 100% des exportations françaises vers la Colombie:plus de 661 millions de dollars échangés entre 2328 exportateurs et 2056 importateurs.

Cliquez sur l’image ci dessous pour accéder à la visualisation.



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